HURMA System affiliate program for experts and brands

Hurma System collaborates with experts and brands in the HR field and publishes thematic materials on the blog and in professional communities on social networks.


Hurma is a convenient and high-quality software product. We combined experience and knowledge of recruiting and HR processes, modern technologies and approaches while developing our system.

The mission of our resources is to share useful and high-quality content with HR specialists.

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Partnership program conditions

The objective of the Hurma System partnership program is to give HR experts the ability to share useful content and brands.

Thus, we have two ways of partnership:

1. Cooperation with HR experts (on a free basis)

2. Cooperation with brands (on a paid basis)

General content requirements

All submitted materials are published in categories “Author's articles” and “Affiliate Publication” in Hurma blog with the author’s name. Materials that suits the content requirements will be published on our blog within 7-14 days. 

Topics: HR, recruiting and related fields. 

Before sending us an article, please, make sure that your material wasn’t published on our resource and will be really interesting for the HR specialists.

We post texts with length up to 10 thousand characters excluding spaces, depending on the importance and completeness of the material. The uniqueness of the article should be more than 90%. Content should be structured: have a title, subtitles and conclusions. The most important thing is to be useful to the reader.

It is important to add numbers, facts, or links to the sources to confirm statements in the article. If you use third-party literature (articles, books, studies, etc.) in your article, you must specify a link to the source. 

You can add unique images (pictures, screenshots, photos) to your article. You can also use video content from YouTube or Vimeo in the article.

Important! The Hurma System team reserves the right not to publish: 

  • material that does not meet the editorial policy of the blog;
  • negative or discriminatory statements;
  • sexual and pornographic content;
  • materials that contain false information or fraud;
  • content that can prompt to commit dangerous or illegal activities
  • content prohibited by law and moral society standards.


The copyright for the content posted on the affiliate program belongs to the author and he/she is solely responsible for copyright infringement. In case of a copyright complaint, Hurma System support temporarily hides materials from public access until the circumstances are clarified. Hurma System does not resolve copyright infringement issues.

Collaboration with HR experts

Let’s take a look at the algorithm for posting the author’s material on the Hurma blog:

1. You send the material to If it meets the content requirements on the Hurma blog, we will be happy to post your article. We’ll notify the sender if anything should be changed or fixed.

2. We prepare the article for publication, edit grammatical and punctuation errors without changing the text and structure. Then we draw up the cover and put the material for an available date in our content plan. 

3. We indicate the author’s name and surname with a link to a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, post his/her photo, company and position in the publication. 

Important! We don’t advertise brands and companies in expert articles. If you want to mention your brand or leave a link, use the affiliate program for brands.

Examples of cooperation with HR experts: 

Cooperation with brands

Advertising materials have the same requirements as expert articles with the exception of permission for direct or native advertising of a business or its products. 

To discuss the article and cost, write on our email or Telegram @seal08

We work with brands on the following terms:

The Hurma System team:

  • proofreads material for grammatical and stylistic errors without changing text and its structure;
  • prepares material for publication and plans it for the appropriate date in the content plan;
  • prepares the cover for publication in the blog format.

The brand:

  • sends the proofread material that is ready for publication;
  • can indicate up to 2 links to the brand’s product or resource;
  • may use this publication on the brand’s social networks and other resources.

Examples of cooperation with brands:

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