Main capabilities of the system

We have collected all the necessary functionality in the system so that you can pay attention to the main thing – people:

Keeping all crucial data in one place

The simple editing process of articles and documents

A convenient service for storing documentation

Quick distribution of access rights among teams and users

Customized design

History of document changes

Language selection


User-friendly interface


Effortless Implementation


Online tech support


Reliable data protection

Single online knowledge base for all your documents

A knowledge base software for an IT department is a place where you can store all important documents and articles without worrying about the risk of losing them. What’s more, the online knowledge base allows you to find the necessary documents faster – you no longer need to spend a lot of time looking for a single file in a pile of saved docs and spreadsheets.

An opportunity to work with your colleagues in the same knowledge base 

A knowledge base solution can be adapted to the needs of the company and changed by the entire team. You can annotate, comment, like, and tag colleagues within all documents.

Guides and articles for all departments

Sometimes, a situation happens in which one department needs to learn something new that another department knows well. And here begin attempts to arrange hundreds of meetings, while spending endless hours on Google, trying to find the needed information. All these steps become unnecessary when the knowledge base becomes a part of your learning process because it now becomes possible to store all educational materials and add new ones in just a few clicks.

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What is an online knowledge base?


A corporate knowledge base is a new module in the HURMA platform, with the help of which you can store all the important documents, protocols, and useful information in a single database. In other words, it is an online library that can be edited by any employee of the company who is confident enough in his knowledge and is ready to prepare materials for his colleagues. The knowledge base system is easy to manage, keeps all data in one place, and allows the entire team to work together on content that can be commented on, annotated, modified, and more.

When should you organize a corporate knowledge base?


Every company has different reasons why they implement corporate knowledge bases. How to understand that it is time for you to start using one for your business? Here are some situations in which it’s clear that you need to consider using a knowledge base:

  • Your employees often spend a lot of time training newcomers.
  • There is a need to educate certain departments on a specific topic.
  • It is difficult for new employees to remember information and they don’t remember everything even after a completed onboarding.
  • Your company has a large number of documents that are often used by different departments.
  • Your employees often make mistakes due to the large amount of information they work with every day.
  • You work with part-time employees and/or freelancers who need to learn a certain amount of information in a short amount of time in order to properly carry out tasks.
  • Your IT team has a need to frequently refer to guides and/or require help from other team members.

With the development of technology, more and more companies, regardless of their size, implement online knowledge bases. From a service for saving documents to a user-friendly platform for employee training, a company’s knowledge base will quickly come in handy if it is properly created and used.


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