Efficient HRIS system

We have collected all the necessary functionality in one system so that you can devote more time to the main thing - people

Simple and fast recruitment

Tracking full information about candidates

Maintaining a database of employees

Creation of automated reporting and process analytics

Communication with the team

Data protection and assignment of employee access


User-friendly interface


Effortless Implementation


Online tech support


Reliable data protection

Comprehensive vision of work with personnel

Human resources management information system is an ideal platform for working with a wide range of tasks related to the human capital of a company

Operational information about company employees

Track everything you need to know about employee profiles, job descriptions, and job performance reviews to manage performance, promotions, hiring, and internal HR changes.

Making tactical decisions based on a data-driven approach

Thanks to HRIS, decisions about resource allocation, job analysis and development, as well as training, compensation, vacancies are made quickly, simply and most efficiently.

Convenient personnel self-service

HRIS provides an opportunity to provide self-service HR to employees and managers. Employees can now manage their tasks and absences.

Human Resources Strategy

HRIS allows you to track the data you need to develop your HR and business strategy. Depending on your organization’s priorities, you’ll need different data for tracking. This is where an information management system comes in handy.

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What tasks does HRIS solve?

HRIS HURMA helps to manage the main HR processes, automating them as much as possible. The system accompanies the entire cycle of decision-making related to personnel, namely:

  •   –  selection and recruitment tasks;
  •   –  identifying their skills and describing open positions;
  •   –  analysis of work and efficiency;
  •   –  determination of optimal compensations and benefits;
  •   –  interactive workflows.
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