HR reporting is quick and easy

We have collected all the necessary functionality in one system so that you can devote more time to the main thing - people

Convenient customizable HR control panel

Detailed reports for all requests from the HR department

Recruiting performance tracking

Staff turnover analysis

Saving time and money


User-friendly interface


Effortless Implementation


Online tech support


Reliable data protection

Make decisions based on insights

HURMA is a software that allows you to easily create instant detailed reports on almost any data in just a few clicks. From HR planning to approval tracking, HR reporting gives you confidence in strategic planning and decision making.

All the necessary types of HR reports always at hand

With reporting tools integrated into almost all HURMA functions, you can create a variety of HR analytics reports in minutes — just the kind that a manager needs.

HR reporting will turn the HR department into a strategic resource

HR reporting will give you the opportunity to act proactively, increasing the productivity of employees and the efficiency of the entire company.

Effective hiring with a convenient recruiting report

Using the Recruiting Performance Report, you will be able to collect information about all the recruiter’s actions on the vacancy, and hiring specialists use the data to compile a comprehensive recruiting report.

Save time and money

Without analytics software, HR professionals spend an average of 17 hours per week creating reports. With HURMA, it only takes minutes to generate informative, easy-to-read reports on workforce planning, time off utilization, employee turnover and more, when you need them. The reports you use most are automatically saved to the main dashboard for easy access, saving you even more time. The only question is how do you use free 17 hours?

Create HR reports to your needs

HURMA has an extensive library of useful reports, from headcount reports to workforce metrics. You can customize your own report templates for the deeper analysis your company needs.

HR reporting with the right access rights

HURMA will allow you to share the created report with those colleagues who need it. All the while keeping sensitive information protected with customizable viewing permissions.

Track e-signatures in HR reports easily and simply

HR reporting with HURMA allows you to identify and eliminate bottlenecks by identifying which forms have been signed and which are still pending. You can quickly contact managers or employees who may have forgotten to sign their forms and make sure all necessary paperwork is in progress.

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What is HR reporting?

HR reports are an important component in the field of human resource management. It is primarily the basis for data-driven decision making. HR reporting allows you to:

  • – monitor HR (processes and results). Regular reporting enables HR to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization by tracking key workforce-related metrics. New trends and opportunities can be identified at an early stage, and the emergence of problems can be identified and resolved before these problems significantly affect the business;
  • – inform management. HR reporting can help managers do their jobs better. HR reports keep managers informed about relevant developments in their team and department. For example, when the marketing department is struggling with high churn and long hire times, then perhaps managers should focus on retaining employees, educate them on the risks of longer time to replace those who are laid off;
  • – track problem areas. HR reporting offers a good way to monitor key problem areas in a transparent way. Transparency in turnover rates across managers will encourage them to pay close attention to staff retention, as their own reputation is at stake. By monitoring problem areas, HR can strengthen their position on the improvement/change management path.


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