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We have collected all the necessary set of functions in one system so that you can devote more time to the main thing - people:

Vacations and other types of absence

Sick leave

Remote work

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Overtime work

Processing requests for absence in the system


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Reliable data protection

A simple absence request algorithm

An employee can request the desired type of absence in the system in a few clicks. When creating a request, the employee has the option to write a comment and attach a file. This allows you to share all the necessary information about the absence and ensures that it does not get lost among letters in the work mail or spreadsheets in Excel.

The status of the request will appear in the employee’s profile in HURMA and will be updated according to the review stage.

Software request notifications

After creating a request by an employee, the HR manager immediately receives a notification in a convenient way – in the software, by mail or in chat thanks to integration with the most popular services. This will help you to always be aware of current company events and speed up consideration of requests from employees.

Clear control of employee vacations

The software will allow you to track the vacation schedules of all employees in one place. In this way, the HR manager can quickly review the planned absences of all members of the team or department and make sure that the leave requests of the replacement employees do not overlap.

Visualization of absences in the program calendar

In the calendar, you can familiarize yourself with the schedules of all colleagues – working hours, scheduled meetings, days off and other types of absence. Also, this section is synchronized with the Google calendar, which will help you plan your working day and not miss important events.

To send a request for absence in this section, just click on the desired day and fill out the application. The information will automatically appear in the system after approval by the HR manager. It will be available to all colleagues on the main page of the program and when viewing the calendar.

Flexible system settings

The software allows you to set up an individual schedule for each employee and automatically calculate holidays, weekends and sick days. You can also add important dates to the system: public holidays, birthdays, etc. This function will be especially useful for companies that have offices in several countries, as it will help to take into account the schedule peculiarities of foreign colleagues in advance and organize stable work between departments and teams.

Secure data storage

Forms, documents and other physical media can often be damaged or lost, which can negatively affect the work of the entire company.

The HURMA system guarantees the confidentiality of all data. Thanks to convenient navigation, information is organized into sections and is available online at any time. In addition, the program has a convenient mobile version, so the HR manager or manager will always have access to the necessary data and will be able to quickly process requests from employees even when working remotely.

Automation of accrual of vacations and absences

Keeping a count of different types of employee absences in the company manually is a routine task that requires constant concentration of attention. Our system will help to automate the calculation of vacations and absences, which will significantly save time and avoid errors.

In addition, the program will allow you to track the working hours of employees and conduct salary analytics.


Thanks to HURMA, analyzing information and creating reports will no longer take up an employee’s entire working day. Data for each employee, department or the entire company can be quickly viewed in the system and visualized in charts and graphs for reports. Thus, the manager will be able to identify key problems and focus on solving them.

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Why companies choose leave and absence management software?

Tracking the schedule of employee absences is a routine task that takes a lot of time. It involves not only processing a request from an employee, but also analyzing vacations of other team members, redirecting tasks, and building an updated work schedule.

Automation of such tasks allows reducing the burden on department heads and HR managers and speeding up the process of submitting and considering a request. That is why systems for managing absences and vacations will be especially useful both for the current operations of the company and for effective response to crisis situations that may disrupt the work of a team or department.

HURMA was created to collect, systematize and conveniently view information about the schedule, absences and days off of each employee of the company. In addition, it allows you to automatically calculate vacations and sick days, and inform company employees about any changes in real time.

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