Onboarding automation from HURMA

We have collected all the necessary functionality in one system so that you can devote more time to the main thing - people

Useful checklists for quick adaptation

Comfortable acquaintance with the team

Integration with messengers

Simple user interface

Tracking your own goals and results


User-friendly interface


Effortless Implementation


Online tech support


Reliable data protection

Staff onboarding in less than a day

Gather all required documents and forms online in less than one business day. Conduct HR onboarding comfortably, quickly and efficiently, giving an employee an unforgettable career start.

Communication with the team in one software

Simplify the routine of the first day as much as possible thanks to the convenient integration of our software with instant messengers. A new employee in a few clicks will be able to:

  • – see the structure of the company in a convenient Tree,
  • – get to know the members of the various teams,
  • – find out the contact details of colleagues in a corporate messenger (Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber),
  • – and, of course, to concentrate on the main thing — achieving his goals set!

Tracking goals and results after onboarding

The main goal of personnel adaptation is the further fulfillment of the set goals. In HURMA a new employee will always be able to find the OKR block easily, and therefore track their own progress.

Comfortable onboarding in IT

Adaptation of personnel in an IT company is always online meetings. “Calendar” will help you not to forget about them and not to miss anything important from the tasks. In turn, a convenient employee mood tracking service will help even the most shy beginners to signal problems that have arisen.

Analytics for executives and HR

Get real-time reports in a convenient format, set goals for new employees, track the progress of each team member and compare results with other streams. Make smart data-driven decisions with onboarding automation.

Simple and easy transfer of access rights

One of the most annoying problems for new hires is getting access to systems to get started. If by the third day they still can’t log into Slack to say hello to the team, they may be missing out on a ritual they don’t know about. The transfer of access rights in automatic mode will not allow new employees to be idle!

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What is onboarding automation

Onboarding software is a tool that allows you to onboard new employees before their first day of work. It streamlines the process of managing documents and forms, guaranteeing a great mood for new employees.

Automating onboarding is one way to make it more efficient. It is actually more than just introducing a new employee to workflows, the team, and current projects with the help of special software. This process should include familiarization with the corporate culture, approaches adopted in the company to solving problems and building effective interaction with the team.

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