HURMA – Automation of HR, recruiting and OKR are in one system

HURMA – Automation of HR, recruiting and OKR are in one system

Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes

HR dashboard: All company information on one screen

Automation with artifical intelligence

Organizational structure of the company

Personal profile for each employee

Automation HR request and employee absence

Personnel performance evaluation

Getting feedback from employees. Mood monitoring

Employee notification system (website, messengers)

Calculation of staff salaries

Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes

Integration with job portals

Vacancy management

Applicant database and the company's personnel reserve

Referral recruitment and public vacancies

Visual recruiting funnel with flexible customization

Parsing resumes, integration wirh sourcing plugin

Communication with candidates directly from the system. Customizable templates

Joint work of the recruiter and the company, hiring managers, tasks

Recruiting analytics, channel efficiency evaluation

Hr Processes Hr Processes

Management of company goals in the system

Goals for the company, team and every employee

History of changes in goals and results

Goals and results transparency

Metrics tracking in real-time

Automatic calculation of the goals achievement

Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes

Poll constructor

Poll templates

Open and anonymous polls

Logic and branches in polls

Polls planning

Saving the history of polls

Polls analytics

Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes Hr Processes

HR and recruitment analytics

Gender and age statistics

Statistics for 1:1

Staff turnover tracking

Efficiency of recruiting channels

Offer acceptance rate

Dynamics of vacancies creation and closing

Monitoring the mood of the company

Time and load tracking for employees

Why Hurma

Every company that uses Hurma to automate HR, recruiting and goal management processes receives high security, innovative technologies and care from our specialists.

Automate completely: HR, Recruiting and OKR

Hurma is the one-stop solution for automating HR, recruiting and OKR processes in a company. Automate fully in Hurma and don’t think about routine.



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Automate completely: HR, Recruiting and OKR

We take care of security

Hurma System meets the highest safety standards due to the approach to data storage – Single Tenant SaaS Infrastructure.


Each Hurma client receives a personal secure server, the information which is encrypted and isolated from the data of other companies. It means the system guarantees not only high safety but also productivity.

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We take care of security

Automation available to everyone

Our goal – to make an affordable all-in-one solution that can help improve the processes of HR, recruiting and management objectives for any company with a headcount of 10 employees.


The cost of the system depends on the number of employees in your company – from $1.2 to $3 per person. For this money, you get the full functionality of the system to work with your employees.

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Automation available to everyone

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The Hurma System uses the technology of artificial intelligence. With each day the system is trained and better handles large amounts of company data, analyzes it, generates statistics and forecasts.


Hurma will promptly inform you about the high risk of burnout and dismissal of an employee and help you choose the best candidate. Forecasts are based on the analysis of hundreds of parameters with an accuracy of over 85%. AI-powered Hurma System helps businesses retain top talent and save resources.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Quick and easy data import

Hurma experts will help in the system implementation and transferring data from spreadsheets or other programs. An easily import system will automate the download and complete employee data. All implementation takes no more than two days, and then Hurma will be fully customized for your company.


The system is constructed the way you will be able to use it during the first hour after installation. And our customer support department will promptly answer any of your questions.

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Quick and easy data import

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More opportunities


HR, recruiting and OKR in one system

Hurma allows you to work with all processes in one system without losing attention to multiple applications and services.


Secure Single Tenant architecture

Thanks to the Single Tenant architecture, you can be sure that the company’s data is stored as securely as possible.


Integration with job portals

Hurma is integrated with popular job portals that allow you to post jobs in one click.


Online tech support

If you need help, our technical support will answer your question within 10 minutes on Telegram.


Absence management

Requests for day-off, vacation, overtime and other events in one system.


CV parsing

The built-in parser in the system works with different types of files, so you can quickly add a new CV to the database.


Flexible roles in the system

You can configure access to different sections of the system depending on the user’s role.


Statistics of all processes

With Hurma, you can easily analyze HR and recruiting information, because the system collects and saves data automatically.


AI-based chatbot

Chatbot AI ​​Partner helps you stay mobile by receiving notifications in your messenger and creating requests and meetings from your phone.


Fast and free system implementation

Forget about complex and long implementation. We will help you configure Hurma for your company and together we will enter all the necessary data.


Synchronization with Google Calendar

Synchronization allows you to receive all the necessary notifications in the Google calendar.


Always online

You have access to the Hurma System from any device. All you need to do is open your browser and sign in.


Several languages

The system supports the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh.


Easy information search

All information about the company and employees is conveniently located in the system, so you can find the data you need in just a few seconds.


Machine learning algorithms in the system

Artificial intelligence allows Hurma to process data better every day, collect statistics and generate forecasts.


Online document management

With Hurma System you can quickly and easily reject most of the paper documents.


Modern intuitive interface

You will quickly understand how to work with the system, thanks to a clear interface.


Open API

You can integrate the system with your familiar products with the API.

User Photo

Dmytro Semonov

Co-Founder at Syntopry

I analyzed about 20 HRM and was glad to focus on the native one. It was the most functional and efficient.

User Photo

Elena Venikaitene

Senior management at the Consulting company “Желтая lampa”

Hurma System is cool software. The system is light and easy to adapt to it. And of course, the implementation doesn’t need money or time 🙂

I recommend the system)

User Photo

Elena Mostovaya

Director at the Center for Management Consulting “Sofia”

Management Consulting Center “Sofia” (recruiting, training and consulting company) is a partner of HURMA SYSTEM. At our HR school, the HURMA SYSTEM team teaches hr-managers (both current and future) to work with this system and promotes the digitalization of young professionals. The system is convenient, easy to use. We look forward to finalizing the Recruiting section.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the system and try to use it.

User Photo

Irina Davidyuk

Head of HR department

We use Hurma for three months. I am glad that similar products appear in our country)) I compared Hurma and BambooHR and decided that Hurma is a good alternative to a western product. The flexibility of the product is also pleasing. Hurma team changed some settings for us. You can connect with a support team through a chatbot. They always help resolve problems and give advice. Good luck to the development team.

User Photo

Anna Metelska

Co-founder at Mental Health and Emotional Well-being for Business

I have been using the system from the very beginning of its work (IT company). I like constant updates and additions to the necessary functionality. Very high level of customer support and development teams.

The current functionality allows you to work with personnel and not be distracted by anything else. 

All in one place – this greatly facilitates the work of HR.

I highly recommend try to use the system.

User Photo

Ekaterina Zhivotovskaya

Human Resources Assistant (HR Assistant) в ORNER

I want to thank everyone who is improving the HURMA from the whole team of ORNER and Jiwo

You provide high-quality customer service.

Mentally embraced your tech support and sent a Telegram sticker with a brand fox with heart.

Every communication is very pleasant.

We wish you continued development, and we will help you with our requests and burning daily questions.

User Photo

Lena Chorna

Human Resources Manager at MTA – Multimedia

We wanted to automate HR processes in the company and, after watching the presentation, we immediately realized that Hurma is exactly what we need now. A convenient and cool interface, constant updates and a chatbot are what we like the most. Hurma helps with the onboarding process because every new employee can view colleagues’ cards, adapt faster, and feel like a member of the team from the very first day with us! Accounting for vacations, sick leave and other things are perfect! Each employee sees how many days of vacation he/she has and the HR manager is free from calculations, searches in calendars and disputes with employees about each used day of vacation!

User Photo

Valeria Borisova

HR-менеджер at MBA Time4U

I am the HR manager of the international consulting company MBA Time4U. Currently, the company has 30 employees, and we are actively expanding. For me, as a specialist in recruiting Hurma System is one of the important tools. Thanks to it I can schedule an interview, keep statistics on the recruitment funnel. It is convenient to form a personnel reserve thanks to informative fields and filters in the system. I like the technical support team, they always promptly and easily help you get answers to your questions. Also, I like systematic useful innovations.

User Photo

Eugene Taranov

Head of ITRDev

Our team consists of 20 people, but we already need automation of HR processes. Counting of absences, holidays, sick leaves, maintaining a database of candidates in tables – all these are extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. With the growth of the company, manual control of this process becomes a non-trivial task. When the task of delegating these functions arises, then without a systematic approach and the right tool, it is practically impossible to do efficiently.

I have been looking for a good HRM system for a long time, I tried analogs that seemed not as functional as Hurma. We are developing web services for automating business processes, when I tried Hurma in work, I immediately felt the interest and love of its creators. This attitude manifests itself in everything: in the high-quality, convenient and fastest technical support that I have ever seen. New ideas and proposals for refinement are carefully worked out and quickly accepted into development. The team creatively approaches the training of users using videos and articles on the company’s blog.

In general, you understand that for not a big money you buy not just a tool, but an established process, training and support of like-minded professionals. This is very valuable and, in my opinion, is quite in demand in the modern world of business for organizing processes in the company.

User Photo

Olga Motovilova

HR Business Partner at Sellbery

Our company is rapidly developing, so the issue of automation of all processes, including hrm processes is very relevant. We have been using the system for more than six months and we’re very pleased that now we do not need to store information in numerous google docs, each of our colleagues has a personal account where he can see all the necessary information about the company, its structure, open vacancies, events, birthdays and colleagues. We make requests for vacations in the system. The functionality for coordinating vacations is very convenient. We actively use the system to evaluate our colleagues, conduct surveys and collect feedback. We created and complement the structure of the company. I like the mood monitoring so much. Also, I want to highlight the function of optimizing recruiting processes. All CVs are stored in one system, there are analytics on search channels, integration with job portals.

Many thanks to the technical support staff for their competence, responsiveness and efficiency, you are super!

HURMA is constantly expanding the functionality and capabilities of the platform, and this is a huge plus.

User Photo

Oleksii Shyshkin

HR Generalist at Markupus

My name is Alexey. I am an HR Generalist at Markupus. We work with IT outsourcing and outstaff. We have 20 specialists in the company.

The company adheres to the course of process automation. We chose Hurma System for HR automation. The system helps easily organize meetings with employees, 1:1, interviews, etc. Hurma has excellent integration function with job portals and parsing profiles and candidates’ CVs. 

Telegram chatbot is a cool solution that is useful for both employees and managers.

The implementation of the system took about a week. It was quick and painless) 

Special thanks to tech support, who instantly answers and quickly solves problems.

The system’s functionality is regularly updated and supplemented, it’s convenient that you can follow the roadmap on the official website.

In my opinion, Hurma is the best solution in terms of price and quality. I recommend)

User Photo


HR Generalist at Orderry

My name is Victoria, I’m HR Generalist at Orderry. We create a cloud service for automating the business processes of companies. We have over 40 employees.

We have been using the Hurma System for over a year now and I can say for sure that this is my favorite tool at work! The system was initially quite easy to understand and implement its use in the life of the team. And if you have questions support team helps you. The guys are always friendly, polite, and most importantly, they’re competent!

I like the Hurma System because I have all the necessary information about the company, employees, open vacancies and candidates, statistics, etc. in one place. Hurma makes easier absence management, employees always know how many day-offs they have. Telegram chatbot sends notifications about various events from the system, this is very convenient. I can list the advantages of this system for a long time) I want to say thanks to my team for emojis in mood monitoring that changes depending on different occasions. This is cute 🙂

User Photo

Varya Talvirskaya

HR at Ice Cream Group

My name is Varya, I am HR of Ice Cream Group. We work with web development and digital marketing, in 2019 the company increased by 2.5 times, today, we have more than 40 people. In October last year, we were faced with the consequences of active growth. The volume of information about employees has grown significantly. I had to keep in mind lots of information and continuously monitor a lot of tables with data. So began my quest to find the appropriate HR system. I analyzed all possible HR CRMs within 3 days, collected users’ feedback, had several conversations with various managers, and finally found Hurma)

The whole implementation took about 3 weeks which exceeded all my expectations. 

I enjoy an optimized recruiting system where updated data is collected for all job portals, with various filters for finding resumes. The system automatically notifies about important dates like birthdays, adaptation meetings and reviews. Hurma gives detailed statistics on mood monitoring and saves time on creating various polls.

Employees appreciated the simplified vacation request system, via the chatbot, and 1:1 planning.

One of the obvious advantages of Hurma is an excellent technical support team. They give really quick responses and focus on the customer focus =)

I am satisfied and recommend it to everyone)

User Photo

Dmitriy Dovgenko

Practicing psychologist, trainer and consultant в Yalantis

Good afternoon, colleagues, I would like to share my experience of using the HURMA System. We have been using the system since the fall of 2018. On the main thing:

  1. Loyal price offer on the HRM market. All modules are included in the main package, unlike similar proposals, where you have to pay separately for the “management review”, “management of fees” or the number of users.
  2. The system has basic modules necessary for HR work (recruiting, people process cycle).
  3. Very flexible support system. The guys respond quickly and try to take into account the wishes of the customer.
  4. The product is still under development. It’s adaptive and thanks to quick communication, it can be finalized for your processes.

5.HURMA team receives feedback from HR/management users about best management practices and tries to develop a system for them.

What you should pay attention to:

  1. The success of use depends on the company size. Now the product is perfect for systems with a small number of managers and decision-makers. If you have a CEO, 2 HRs and 3 PMs who work on the cycle of people management, information management will be easy and convenient. For a company with a larger number of managers and decision-makers, there might be difficulties in delimiting the areas of access to information and functions.
  2. The system currently doesn’t have advanced statistics, so you need to calculate key indicators and dynamics of people processes in third-party resources.

In general, I am satisfied with the usage of the system, I recommend it for companies that:

  1. Want a convenient view and automated data processing logic instead of 10 Google docks on 5 different Google disks.
  2. Choose not to invest in the development of their system.
  3. Have a small number of managers (including all PM, HR, CEO).


User Photo

Alena Marchenko

Data security is in the first place for us, so we paid attention to Hurma. 

The very convenient flow of work with candidates and the base of employees. Excellent statistics and analytics. I’m pleased with mood monitoring. I want to note that we have never been raised prices yet. The guys promised to fix price and for a year now we have been working at the same price at which we entered, although a lot of functionality has been added. 

I want to say additional thanks to the tech support! They are fast and professional.

User Photo

Konstin Bondarchuk


We have a team of 200 people, IT area. We use Hurma for two months. It’s convenient software for employees. HRs and recruiters moved with all the databases in a week, now we are integrating with our website through the API. Also, we transferred OKR from the tables to the system. Hurma is a cool and modern product.

User Photo

Inna Kuzmenko

The current functionality allows you to keep track of HR and recruitment processes. All-in-one solution makes work easier. 

The interface is quite intuitive, so you won’t spend a lot of time reading the instructions. I also want to note the low price compared to other systems. 

But, of course, you need to weigh the pros and cons while choosing a system. 

Special thanks for your blog, which perfectly complements the knowledge and simplifies work with the system. By the way, the article on CRM systems comparison is excellent. I recommend you to read it.

And of course, you need to try Hurma System. 

Good luck!

User Photo


HR Director at Ukraine Kids

My name is Elena. I am the HR Director of Ukraine Kids. Our company sells online nutrition for children throughout Ukraine, we have 250 employees. We have been using the system for 6 months now. We were looking for an HR system that easily adapts to our processes, as well as making it convenient to work with recruiting. Hurma completely satisfied our needs and covers all the requests. The implementation of the system took us 2 weeks, the staff quickly got used to it. The system replaced all Google tables and unnecessary paper printouts. The adaptation process has improved significantly due to automation. The adaptation meeting, 1:1 and others are now automated and our HRs aren’t missing anything. The coolest thing in recruitment is integration with all job portals and statistics on them. The kanban board for candidates is very conveniently configured and now all candidates are structured. I like mood monitoring and telegram chatbot. With the help of these functions, I always keep abreast and know what is happening in the company. The technical support team is very friendly and responds almost 24/7. They resolve all issues very quickly. We’re satisfied with the usage of the system!

User Photo

Olga Shevchenko

We use the system from the very beginning. A very successful synthesis of different tools. I am sure that with such rapid updates and the development of new features, Persimmon will be an excellent solution that has no analogs. Support is simply Top Level! And most importantly, system security. Recently I heard that there are multi-tenant and single-tenant systems. I recommend everyone to pay attention to the “quick” access to the systems – it might be not safe. Hurma really the best and number one.

User Photo

Mira Samoilenko

Hurma has a large number of different modules for adequate money. You don’t need to have a bunch of software and try to synchronize them via Google Sheets. Everything is convenient, simple and fast. Employees like to work with a system through a chatbot. They don’t need to login to the system for making requests for vacation or day off. HR can approve requests very quickly with a notification in the messenger.

User Photo

Oksana Yakovenko

HR manager at BINTIME

Our company tested this software. Thanks to the team for this opportunity and cool support. We liked HURMA and have wishes for functionality, but the developers are working on it. I am very pleased that this is a Ukrainian product. Hurma team makes HR life easier 🙂

User Photo

Oksana Starantseva-Degtyar

We use the system from the very beginning. Unusual synthesis of different instruments. Support is at the top level! The guys work out cases and listen to ideas for improvement. I’m sure this tool will be a great solution without analogs and with a large audience of customers!

User Photo

Pihalenko Anna


We are a full-cycle IT product company. At the moment we have nearly 80 employees. Prior to implementing the system we were faced with the problem that there are more and more employees, and the usual processes of approval of admissions and medical treatment are no longer working. Automation of processes was needed + it was necessary to maintain an internal candidate database. As a result, the Hurma system gave the opportunity to automate processes and was easy to use.

User Photo

Kostyuchenko Xenia

Personnel Officer Unisender

Unisender – is a product company with offices located in four countries. Previously, there were great accounting problems and issues with coordination of vacations and other absences. With the Hurma System, this process was automated, freeing up finance and HR teams. The Hurma System is administrated by one person only, and it is mega convenient! This stopped the constant questions of employees such as: “How many vacation days I have left?”. The structure is straightforward, all the contacts of our employees are accessible. There is a clear understanding of who is one vacation, on a sick leave, etc.

User Photo

Svitlana Maidan

HR & Operations Director of NeoGames

One system that helps the HR team to solve a large number of questions about the work with up-to-date information. User-friendly interface, easy to work with the database of employees and the profile of each employee, automatic recording of vacations, sick-leaves and other time-offs. A major advantage is the technical support in our company’s special Telegram-chat: any questions are solved quickly or are taken into work, and also our wishes are taken into account.

User Photo

Kateryna Royuk

HRD of the product company "Epicenter Marketplace"

From the very beginning of the company’s creation (since 2020) we have implemented Hurma as a way to automate vacations and sick-leaves, organizational structure and accounting of data of employees. 100% of the staff members use the functionality of queries. All the records are kept in one place, we take the data for the FOT and we are 100% sure of them.

Hurma is an HRIS/HRM system that saves your budget and increases productivity

Recently, the automation of HR and recruiting was a trend, but today it has become a necessity and the main tool for the work of any HR specialist. A good HRM system increases the efficiency of the HR manager and every person in the company from an ordinary employee to HRD and CEO.

What should an HRIS/HRM system include?

Choosing an automation system you should first pay attention to data storage security. You will keep confidential information about employees and the company. Cloud architecture allows you to choose one of two approaches to data security: Multi-Tenant and Single Tenant. In the first case, all information is stored together and, if one company is hacked, the data of all customers may suffer. In the second approach, the customers’ data is stored separately from each other in their secure databases. We chose the Single Tenant approach for Hurma. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in providing IT services and deep expertise in DevOps, which allows us to reliably store the data of all our customers.


The next important point for an HRM system is complexity. It’s difficult to collect and analyze all the data if you have a separate HRM system, a separate system for recruiting, a program for setting goals, application for polls, and something else. Hurma System is an all-in-one solution that automates all aspects of working with staff.


Also, the automation system must collect the necessary statistics on the company’s processes. Hurma saves statistics on HR, recruiting, and mood monitoring. All of these allow you to compare statistics from different periods and track the progress.

How does Hurma work?

You can create a vacancy directly in the system and place it on the selected job portals with one click. After that, you will receive feedback directly to the system and you can quickly parse a CV from * .pdf, *.doc, *.docx, *.odt, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.png and *.rtf files. The understandable Kanban board makes it easy to guide the candidate through the recruiting funnel. Filters and tags help search for candidates in the database. When a new candidate goes through all stages of hiring, you can transfer him to employees with one click. At the same time, the entire history of working with the profile is saved.


To adapt a new employee, Hurma has automatic notifications of Welcome, Adaptation, and Probation meetings. Both you and the employee will receive a notification of the meeting and you will don’t forget anything.


Also, Hurma helps you create company events, polls and reminders about them. The system automates all self-management, which includes holidays, sick leave, overtime, business trips, and other requests. You don’t need to calculate day-offs manually anymore. Everyone has their profile in the system, which automatically calculates all types of absences that you configured in advance. 


Hurma helps you quickly and conveniently conduct polls for receiving feedback from employees. Built-in polls’ constructor helps make branched questionnaires, where the next question depends on the employee’s answer. Polls can be open or anonymous. If the company has regular polls, you can set a schedule for them and don’t create a new questionnaire every time. Also, the system stores all completed polls. It helps you track the dynamics of eNPS and other surveys that are important for the company.

Loyalty, involvement and motivation

When an employee enters the system, a welcome screen with emoji clarifies his/her current mood. An employee can choose any mood from “Awful” to “Excellent” and leave a comment. HR will receive this information in the statistics section and will be able to respond if the employee needs help or support. Such speed of response and personal care from HR increase employee’s loyalty.


You can use the OKR – Objectives and Key Results section for increasing motivation and engagement. It creates goals and key results for the company, each team, and each employee. With this method, any person in the company understands his contribution to the common goal, that is the way to motivate colleagues.

Increase your efficiency with Hurma

Hurma System allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of your company. The system solves complex tasks and improves the work of each employee. You save time for HR and recruiter and move the company to a new level of opportunities. With Hurma you will get rid of the routine, increase the motivation and loyalty of the team, and you will be able to achieve the bravest and the most ambitious goals!

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