Main features of the hierarchical diagram visualization system

HURMA allows you to simplify the work with the main HR tasks. We have collected all the necessary functionality in one system so that you can devote more time to the main thing - people:

Various options for visualizing the organizational structure

Simplification of adaptation of beginners

Automatic chart update

Improve communication between departments

Import and export of organizational structure

Automating permissions for departments and teams


Clear and modern interface


Rapid implementation of the system


Prompt online support


Reliable data protection

Several options to visualize organizational structure

Choose the most convenient type of display of the hierarchical scheme. Our system has several options for visualizing the structure of the company. This makes it easier to work with the organization chart and helps you quickly find all the necessary information about departments, leaders, and team composition.

Simplify onboarding of new employees

Visualizing the organizational structure of the company will help newcomers adapt faster. In this section, they will be able to find information about other members of their team, as well as learn more about managers and other departments. Each employee card in the hierarchy diagram contains a photo, first and last name, and position.

Establish cooperation between departments

Visualization of the organizational structure of the company will greatly simplify the interaction between different teams. No more wasting time searching for someone responsible for a particular task. Managers and employees can get acquainted with the composition and roles of colleagues in the organizational chart of the company.

Automatic update

You no longer need to manually update your organizational chart after personnel changes in your company, such as a promotion or a move to a different team or department. Thanks to our system, any updates will be displayed in the hierarchy system automatically after the information is entered by the HR department into the program.

Import and export of organizational structure

We made sure that the transfer of information to or from the system is fast and convenient for HR, managers and employees. HURMA makes it easy to import company organizational structure information into the system. If you need to export the hierarchy data to an Excel or PDF file, this can also be done in a few clicks.

Automation of granting permissions

With a clear hierarchical system, you no longer need to manually grant permissions to each employee in a particular department. HURMA system will help you automatically grant different permissions based on the organization chart in the Roles menu.

Leave a request for consultation about organizational structure of the company

Why does a company need an organizational structure?

The organizational chart of a company helps to visualize the internal structure of any organization. It clearly shows which team the employee is in, what tasks he performs and to whom he reports. This greatly facilitates the work of the HR department and the interaction between different departments.

An organizational system can be visualized in a variety of ways. The main requirement for such schemes is an intuitive graphical display and a clear company hierarchy. In addition, the organizational system must be accessible to every employee, regardless of his position and responsibilities.

Advantages of specialized programs for creating organizational charts

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